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Plan ID: chp-17620
Order Code: A101
Elevation of Plan ID: 17620
Plan ID: chp-17620
Front Elevation

First Floor of Plan ID: 17620
Plan ID: chp-17620
First Floor Plan

Second Floor of Plan ID: 17620
Plan ID: chp-17620
Second Floor Plan

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Heated Sq Ft: 604
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1.0
Width: 28 feet x Depth: 24 feet

Foundation Type(s):

5 Sets of Blueprints: $575.00
8 Sets of Blueprints: $650.00
Reproducible Set: $575.00
PDF Files: $525.00
A Materials List is included with said plan at no extra charge.

Additional Sets: $50.00

What do these Plans Include
Foundation: This shows the layout of the basement, crawl space, or slab foundation.

Floor Plans: Placement of walls, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, beams, etc..

Exterior Elevations: Illustrates the front, rear, and sides of the house, in detail, including instructional notes such as materials, roof pitch, ceiling heights, etc.

Interior Elevations: Views of special interior elements such as kitchen & bath cabinets, fireplaces, etc.

Cross Section: Views of areas such as load-bearing walls, stairs, trusses, or other structural elements.

Details: How to construct certain parts of your home, such as the roof system, stairs, or deck.

Plan modification is a way of turning a stock plan into your unique custom plan. It's still just a small fraction of the price you would pay to create a home plan from scratch. We at believe that modification estimates should be FREE! We provide a modification service so that you can customize your new home plan to fit your budget and lifestyle. Simply contact the modification department for Plan ID: 17620 at...
  • Phone: 866-465-5866 - Talk to a live person that can give you and FREE modification estimate over the phone!
  • Fax: 651-602-5050 - Make sure to include a cover sheet with your contact info. Make attention to the Modification Department.
  • Email: Click Here. Please Include your telephone number, Plan ID, foundation type, state you are building in and a specific list of changes. ...and you will receive a FREE, no obligation, modification estimate to get exactly the home plan you've been dreaming of.

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