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45269 Specifications and Pricing Information

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House Plan Specifications Pricing Information
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1.0
Width of House: 42 feet
Depth of House: 50 feet
Total Living Area:
Does not include Garage, Covered Porch, Deck, Patio, Storage square footage, Etc.
689 sq. ft.
Garage Size: 1 Car
1st Floor Ceiling Height:: 9'0
Foundation Type(s) available for this plan: Slab
Style of House: Mediterranean
Exterior Finish: Stucco
Exterior Wall Structure: Other studs
Primary Roof Pitch: 3:12
Roof Peak:
from Front Door Floor Level
19 feet
Roof Load: 20 p.s.f.
5 Sets of Blueprints: $345.00
PDF File: $345.00
CAD Files: $690.00
A Materials List is NOT available for this particular COOL House Plan.
Readable Reverse: $150.00
extra per order
All sets will be Readable Reverse copies. Turn around time is usually 3 to 5 business days. Not Available for Review Sets.
Mirror Reverse: $25.00 per order
Additional Sets: $40.00

** 1 Set of Blueprints is a complete set of construction documents (blueprints) and is typcally stamped not for construction because, by copyright law, it is illegal to make copies of blueprints.

Specifications/Pricing for Plan ID: chp-45269, Order Code: C101
To Order call 1-800-482-0464

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Plan ID: chp-45269, Order Code: C101 | 1-800-482-0464

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© plans copyrighted by designer
First Floor Plan
Plan ID: chp-45269, Order Code: C101 | 1-800-482-0464

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Plan ID: chp-45269, Order Code: C101 | 1-800-482-0464