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How to Calculate the Total Heated Square Footage of a House Plan

A house plan's total square footage tells you how many square feet of finished space a plan offers. The finished space is the heated living area of the house. Finished space usually has floor coverings such as wood, vinyl, ceramic, carpeting or tile.

Unfinished square footage such as garages, porches, decks, attics, bonus rooms, courtyards, and driveways are typically not included as part of the total heated living space of a plan. A basement is not included in the finished total square footage unless the basement is finished. A 3-season porch is not considered finished square footage because it is not heated and cooled space.

Search home plans by total heated square feet or by popular search parameters.

1000 to 1100 square foot house plans 2000 to 2100 square foot home plans 3000, 3100 and 3200 square foot floor plans All house plans 5000 square feet and above
1100 to 1200 square foot house plans 2100 to 2200 square foot home plans 3300, 3400 and 3500 square foot floor plans  
1200 to 1300 square foot house plans 2200 to 2300 square foot home plans 3600, 3700 and 3800 square foot floor plans 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom house floor plans.
1300 to 1400 square foot house plans 2300 to 2400 square foot home plans 3900 to 4000 square foot floor plans 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom house floor plans
1400 to 1500 square foot house plans 2400 to 2500 square foot home plans   3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house floor plans
1500 to 1600 square foot house plans 2500 to 2600 square foot home plans 4000, 4100 and 4200 square foot floor plans 3 bedroom and 2 ½ bathroom house floor plans
1600 to 1700 square foot house plans 2600 to 2700 square foot home plans 4300, 4400 and 4500 square foot floor plans 4 bedroom house floor plans
1700 to 1800 square foot house plans 2700 to 2800 square foot home plans 4600, 4700 and 4800 square foot floor plans 5 bedroom house floor plans
1800 to 1900 square foot house plans 2800 to 2900 square foot home plans 4900 to 5000 square foot floor plans 6 bedroom house floor plans
1900 to 2000 square foot house plans 2900 to 3000 square foot home plans   7 bedroom house floor plans

Total heated square footage is not the same as the total heated floor space. Typically the total heated square footage calculated by using the dimensions starting from the outside studs of the home’s exterior. The heated square footage doesn’t include exterior wall coverings such as brick, stucco or siding. The square footage does include space that is taken up by walls.

Cantilevered floors sections also affect total heated square footage. A cantilevered room such as a bay window is counted as finished square footage if the floor joists are part of the cantilever. If a cantilevered space does not include floor space then the cantilevered area is not counted as part of the square footage. If a fireplace cantilevers then the square footage of the cantilever is counted as finished square footage on the floor that has the fireplace but not on other floors.

For stairways in a two-story home plan, usually the space occupied by the staircase is counted once when calculating total square footages. However a few house designers or homebuilders consider a stairway transitional space and sometimes count it as square footage on both floors (call to verify if the home plan you are interested in is calculated this way).

If you are comparing two home plans that have the "same" total finished square footage you may want to remember that the wall space is part of the square footage. For example, if you see a one-story house that has the same finished square footage as a two-story house, then the one story house will actually have more interior space. This is because the two-story house has another floor of exterior walls that are considered part of its total square footage. Also a two-story house needs more space for hallways and stairways and the useable square footage of a two-story house is usually less when compared to a one-story house that has the same total square footage.

Square footage needed for the marketing of new single-family dwellings. 
The competition among residential homebuilders is very keen and it is in their interest that they and their competitors use a uniform method of computing floor areas in their advertising and marketing. 

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed a standard method for calculating floor areas in single-family dwellings, “Square Footage - Method for Calculating,” ANSI Z765-2003. Copies may be purchased from National Association of Home Building, Research Center, 400 Prince George’s Boulevard, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774. This standard is not suitable for use in apartment buildings or multiple family dwellings. 

The National Association of Home Builders has supported this voluntary standard among its members since its inception in 1996. The second edition was promulgated in 2003. Although some of the largest homebuilders have adopted the standard, many have not. Some builders publish and use their own standard.
As a final note, be aware that owners and agents may not report the square footage of a home in the same way. Many real estate agents merely represent "total heated living area" and do not provide a complete breakdown of how living area is calculated leaving it up to the buyer or buyer agent to determine. A "breakdown" of living area is important because often times, there are quality differences between finished basements, finished attics, conversions, etc. and "above grade" finish. Appraisers, on the other hand, are usually more consistent in the reporting of "living area" due to secondary market (lending) guidelines that require them to distinguish between "above grade", "below grade", "converted areas", and so forth.

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