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Plan ID: chp-16048
Order Code: A101
Elevation of Plan ID: 16048
Plan ID: chp-16048
Front Elevation

First Floor of Plan ID: 16048
Plan ID: chp-16048
First Floor Plan

Second Floor of Plan ID: 16048
Plan ID: chp-16048
Second Floor Plan

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Heated Sq Ft: 6868
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Width: 95 feet x Depth: 44 feet

Foundation Type(s):

8 Sets of Blueprints: $3,060.00
Reproducible Set: $3,060.00
A Materials List is NOT available for this particular COOL House Plan.

Readable Reverse: $265.00 per order
All sets will be Readable Reverse copies. Turn around time is usually 3 to 5 business days. Not Available for Review Sets.

Additional Sets: $100.00

What do these Plans Include
Working drawings and material specifications are designed to met average conditions and construction methods prevalent to Mississippi and conform to the requirements of the Southern building code, CABO, and Federal Housing Administration. Your local codes may vary or change periodically. For this reason, we cannot warrant compliance with any specific model codes other than the Southern building Code and CABO. It is our belief that our plans are suitable for construction. They may, however, require revisions or minor changes and you should have your builder or other professional review your plans prior to construction.

Foundation Plan- includes your choice of concrete slab, crawl space or basement (when available).

Detailed Floor Plans- includes the placement of interior walls, room dimensions, doors, windows, fireplace and stairway location (if applicable), and electrical outlet locations.

Exterior Elevations- includes the front, rear and sides of the house with detailed measurements and exterior material requirements.

Cabinet Details- includes details of all cabinets, fireplaces, built-in units and other interior features.

Cross Sections- includes cross section details of the home, flooring, insulation and roofing construction.

Roof Plans- includes rafter, dormer, gable and other feature layouts.

Specifications- includes recommendations for materials and equipment such as structural specifications, masonry work, concrete work, wood specifications, excavating and grading, drywall, flooring, caulking, glazing and sealants.

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