Whether you need extra space to store your vehicles or an additional living area for guests, consider building a barn garage. At COOL House Plans, we offer various barn building plans to help you find the most suitable unit for your lifestyle. You can use our search engine’s filters to find a blueprint with your desired square footage, garage bays and design aesthetic. Use this guide to discover how a barn garage can add value to your property.

What Is a Barn Garage?

What Is a Barn Garage?

A barn garage is a structure where you can store your vehicles. It often has a level above it for additional storage or living space. Here are some of the standard features of a barn garage.

  • Large loft: A barn garage usually has a loft above the garage to store farm equipment or create a studio apartment. Barn owners traditionally used this space to store hay or provide a living area for their farm or ranch hands.
  • Gambrel roof: An elevated gambrel roof offers enough space for you to park a large vehicle and store other equipment. This roof style features shingles on either side of the barn, with a shallow slope above a steep one. When looking at the barn, you’d only see the roof’s shingles on the sides. The sharp pitch allows rain and snow to flow off the sides instead of pooling on top.
  • Large plot of land: You’ll usually find a barn garage on a large piece of property. This garage style is popular in farming areas because it provides a convenient place to store equipment and animals.
  • The number of garage bays: As you design a barn garage, you can add as many garage bays as you want. We offer plans that can accommodate up to six vehicles. Even if you don’t have that many cars on your property, you could use a three-car garage to store your yard or garden equipment.
  • Slab foundation: A barn garage goes on top of a slab foundation instead of a basement or crawlspace. The slab is thick concrete that can withstand pressure from your vehicle. Instead of having storage space on the lower level like you would have with a basement, you can add square footage to your house by building up.
5 Benefits of Barn Garages

5 Benefits of Barn Garages

Here are some of the ways a barn garage can add value to your property and lifestyle.

1. Save Time During the Construction Process

Since a barn garage is easy to construct, you could set it up on your property in a matter of weeks. Unless you want to create an all-new custom design, most contractors have a prefabricated kit that they construct on-site when you’re ready to use it. If you have enough experience, you may even be able to build it without hiring a contractor. A barn garage usually goes on a slab foundation instead of a basement or crawlspace, saving you time and money on the construction.

2. Protect Your Vehicle From Potential Damage

Like a regular garage, a barn garage is a safe place to store your vehicle. You can protect your property from harsh weather conditions, vandalism, theft and accidents. Parking your car in a detached garage with a stable roof protects it from rain, snow and other falling debris, so you won’t have to clean your vehicle as often. Since it’s in a protected enclosure with a lock, you’re also less likely to have someone try to steal or damage your car.

3. Build Affordable Housing for Family or Tenants

You could use the additional storage in your garage to create an accessory dwelling unit to host a family member or rent out for extra income each month. The apartment can go on top of your garage, but if you don’t need to hold that many vehicles, you could also make a living space out of the lower level with plumbing and electricity. Explore our building plans to find a property that has enough space for you to make an apartment.

4. Have Plenty of Storage and Accessory Space

A barn-style garage gives you space to work on your personal and professional hobbies. Here are some ways you can take advantage of your property’s spacious square footage.

  • Workshop: If you have a hobby that’s challenging to do in your main house, consider setting up a workspace above your garage. You could also use a garage with multiple bays to store your cars and work on your projects on the lower level.
  • Apartment: You may want to put an apartment above your spacious garage, complete with a kitchen and bathroom. Set up your second-floor living area with electricity and plumbing, so your guests or family have everything they need.
  • Animal stalls: Besides storing your cars, you could also keep your horses and other animals in your barn garage. Our plans include barns with plenty of ventilation, so your livestock can survive and get all the nourishment they need.
  • Tack room: Some of our floor plans come with a designated tack room for storing your riding equipment in your barn garage.
  • Feed room: You could also store your animal feed in your barn garage. Some of our floor plans have a specialized feed room, so you can conveniently access the food you need.
  • Hay storage: The large overhead loft allows you to have enough space for hay bales and still be able to park cars in the garage. 

5. Invest in a Long-Lasting Structure

After spending thousands of dollars on your new property, the durable building materials you use should last as long as possible. Most barn garages are metal, which can withstand most harsh weather conditions, including wind, excess moisture and even fire. Besides cleaning debris from the siding, this structure doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. When you use high-quality materials on your new property, it can last several decades before you need to repair or replace it.

Types of Barn Garages

Even though you might have only seen traditional red wooden barns, we offer various other styles to complement your home’s design aesthetic. Here are some of the barn plans we offer.

  • Country Craftsman barn garage plans: A country Craftsman barn garage features a combination of eye-catching artisanal design and elegant rural charm. As you create your Craftsman garage, make it a representation of your one-of-a-kind style.
  • Contemporary barn garage plans: To complement your contemporary-style home, consider building a modern farmhouse barn garage that features natural materials, an asymmetrical design and geometric shapes.
  • Southern barn garage plans: You might like the classic, straightforward design of a Southern barn garage. Install bypass sliding garage and entry doors to accommodate your charming Southern lifestyle.
  • Traditional farmhouse barn garage plans: If you prefer the familiar red, wooden design, we offer traditional farmhouse barn garage plans for your spacious farmland. These structures have enough room to store your vehicle, animal feed and riding equipment.
3 Examples of Barn Garage-Plans

3 Examples of Barn Garage Plans

If you’re considering building a barn garage on your property, here are three specific examples of barn garage plans to help inspire your design.

1. Farmhouse-Style Garage-Living Plan

This contemporary farmhouse-style garage features 1,901 square feet, including a living area on the second level with two bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Once you park in the two-car garage, you’ll notice the necessary utilities for making this space functional — the water heater, furnace and washer/dryer. There’s also an exit door to a covered area in the backyard. To get into the central part of the house, you walk through the right side.

Besides the garage area, there’s also an office, storage space and bathroom on the lower level. Walk up the stairs to access the rest of the living space. The master suite is at the top of the stairs, with a bathroom and a spacious closet. The second bedroom is across the hall, and it has a guest bathroom. The great room, kitchen and dining area are on the property’s left side, with a pantry for storing food. A balcony in the great room overlooks the covered deck.

2. Two-Car Garage Apartment Plan 

This simple garage plan is a humble 431 square feet, and it has a second floor with plenty of space to make an apartment as needed. The lower level contains a two-car garage and two rooms for designated storage. When you walk up the stairs, you have 264 square feet for a kitchen, bathroom and linen closet. You could also turn the whole place into an office or a playroom, depending on your family’s needs. If you convert it into an apartment, ensure it has electricity and plumbing.

3. Farmhouse-Style Two-Car Garage Plan

This country farmhouse garage measures 591 square feet with a 106-square-foot bonus area. There’s enough space for two vehicles, but it features a single two-car garage door instead of two one-car garage doors. There’s only one level to this plan, making it easier to maintain. You can park in your two-car garage and work in your shop that comes with a built-in workbench. If you’re going in from the outside, you can enter through the covered porch into the entry door.

FAQs About Barn Garages

If you’re still unsure whether you should build a barn garage on your property, here are the answers to some of the questions you may have.

1. How Much Do Barn Garages Cost to Build?

Are barn garages cheaper than regular garages? They can be less expensive than standard ones because they are often easy to build on your own. However, if you want a completely custom design, you may end up paying more money. A barn construction’s price depends on several factors.

  • Location: Before building your new barn garage, the contractor needs to prepare the site by removing trees and leveling the land. If you live in a remote area, you may have to pay more money to have materials shipped to your property.
  • Siding material: The material you choose for your siding will determine its aesthetic appeal and durability. Wood siding tends to be more affordable than aluminum, but metal also lasts longer, so you’ll save money on future replacements.
  • Building insulation: If you want to use your barn garage for anything other than parking your car, consider adding insulation to regulate the temperature and reduce energy costs. Contractors charge for insulation by R-value and square feet. Insulation with a higher R-value may cost more money, but it can help keep your indoor living space more comfortable.
  • Floors: Since you’re building your property on a concrete slab, your lower level will have concrete flooring. This material is durable to withstand your vehicle’s weight. If you want to turn the upper level into a living area, you may want to install a more aesthetically pleasing material, such as wood or laminate. You’ll typically have to pay per square foot for your flooring.
  • Loft apartment: If you want to have a larger space, you’ll have to pay more for additional materials and labor than you would for a simple one-car garage. To make a loft apartment on your property, you’ll need to install insulation, electricity, plumbing, windows, drywall and a staircase, all of which come at a price.
  • Adding a door and windows: Even if you don’t want to create an apartment within your barn garage, you can add doors and windows to bring in natural light and provide better ventilation for your property. Including doors and windows in your new construction floor plan is more convenient and cost-effective than drilling into your wall later to make space for them.
  • Painting: Adding a fresh coat of paint to your wood or metal siding can enhance its appearance. Painting wood siding costs more money than metal siding. Besides the price of the color, you’ll also need to pay a professional painter.
  • Permits: Depending on how you want to use your barn garage, you need to acquire specific licenses from your local building department. If you plan to make a living space out of your garage with electricity and plumbing, you may need to comply with stricter regulations to ensure your property is up to code. A licensed and insured contractor should know what permits you need and how much they’ll cost.

2. What Are Barn Garages Made Of?

Barn garages traditionally have wood or stone siding, but modern designs feature metal. This durable material can withstand harsh weather conditions and temperature changes. You could even paint or stain it to look like natural wood and other visually appealing elements. Even though barn garages with wood and stone siding aren’t as prevalent anymore, you may want to consider them if you have wood or stone siding on your primary residence. Besides the metal siding, the framing contains high-quality, waterproof lumber.

Search Barn Garage Plans

When you’re ready to build a barn garage onto your property for more storage and recreational space, check out our barn garage building plans. At COOL House Plans, we have a wide selection of unique barn style garages to help you find the best one for your lifestyle. We can also modify any design you see that doesn’t match your specific preferences. Please browse through our blueprints and order one to get started on your new construction today.