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The key to your home making a lasting impression is a striking modern design. Everyone remembers a house that plays with interesting angles and sleek shapes, so making your modern house out of the ordinary is a must. Luckily, COOL House Plans offers thousands of unique modern home plan options to choose from.

Want a modern, chic looking house but have no idea where to begin? This guide to modern house plans will answer the most frequently asked questions and tell you all you need to know about the most popular types of modern house plans, specific examples of floor plans and how to select a modern home plan of your own.

Common Features of Modern Houses

Common Features of Modern Houses

Before discussing modern house floor plans, you should know what exactly a modern house is. A modern house is a contemporary style of home known for its simplistic, clean lines and sleek architecture. A home’s contemporary design can be showcased by its exterior appearance or its interior format, so it’s best not to judge a book by its cover.

Now is an especially experimental and innovative time for contemporary architectural design. Builders are becoming bolder and focusing more on the unexpected and non-traditional, rather than form. And as our culture embraces informality more and more in all areas of life, houses have become yet another way to express individualism and defy previously rigid standards.

Although there are many things that can contribute to a house’s contemporary look, these are the top ten common features of a modern house:

  1. Expansive interior: A modern house has a large, lofty interior space without many walls or pillars to separate the house’s rooms.
  2. Open floor plan: To go along with its expansive interior, a modern house features an open floor plan to make the home feel even larger than it already is. Modern house floor plans also allow for easier transitioning from room to room and efficient use of space.
  3. Glass galore: Modern homes typically include vast expanses of glass on at least one side of the house, such as floor to ceiling windows or glass doors leading to the backyard.
  4. Unconventional materials: A modern house cultivates character by incorporating innovative building materials, such as metallic glass or reclaimed wood, into its composition — it may even feature exposed structure in parts of the house.
  5. Eco-friendly materials: Along with unconventional materials, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials are emerging as modern house essentials. Modern homes aim to be sustainable and often use eco-friendly mediums like recycled products to do so.
  6. Interior meets exterior: Modern houses often blur the line between interior and exterior with something like an extension of the interior to the outer patio area, a cozy outdoor room or a rooftop garden.
  7. Simple elegance: Modern houses do not involve much ornamentation or decor. Instead, they feature linear masses with hardly any embellishment.
  8. Intriguing rooflines: The rooflines of a modern house usually do not follow a cookie-cutter mold, but hold the eye’s interest by offering a surprising mix of flat, slanted and textured rooflines that typically take the form of various geometric shape to make the house’s appearance more balanced.
  9. Up-to-date tech: Fittingly, a modern house will include modern technology, such as the latest security system, smart appliances and technology for green energy like solar-powered outdoor lighting.
  10. Spatial creativity: Modern houses are supposed to be nontraditional and creative, which leaves ample room for customization and spaces designed specifically for the homeowner’s needs.

Types of Modern House Plans

Now that you know the common features of a modern home, you can begin to explore specific types of modern house plans. A modern house design can be adapted for any kind of home, no matter the house’s size or shape.

Here are some of the most popular modern house styles:

1. Small

Despite their many features and open concepts, modern houses don’t have to be huge. Smaller houses can be easier to make environmentally friendly and provide more opportunity to get creative and efficient with the use of their limited space. Recently, more and more people have been purchasing small modern houses to increase the intimacy and comfort of their homes.

2. Single-Story

Similar to a small modern house plan, single-story homes also work well as modern homes. Shorter houses can take advantage of a modern home’s focus on function and large windows. A modern house plan works especially well with Ranch-style homes because of its ability to use clean, asymmetrical lines to offer a variety of roofline designs.

Single Story Modern House

3. Mid-Century

Mid-century houses can be modern, too. In fact, mid-century homes are extremely compatible with 21st-century architectural trends because of their open floor plans and many windows. By using more eco-friendly and industrial materials, a mid-century-style home can easily follow a modern house plan.

4. Two-Bedroom

Whether tall or wide, a two-bedroom home is perfect for a modern house design. Modern house plan staples like an open concept and resourceful use of space can make a two-bedroom house seem larger than it is while still feeling homey. You can also increase your two-bedroom house’s curb appeal by following the sleek, striking and minimalistic design of a modern house style." alt="Two Bedroom Modern House" class="wp-image-1116" srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w, 1422w" sizes="(max-width: 767px) 89vw, (max-width: 1000px) 54vw, (max-width: 1071px) 543px, 580px" />

5. Three-Bedroom

A three-bedroom house presents the opportunity to incorporate even more modern house plan aspects within the home’s walls like a fireplace or finished basement. You can also make your three-bedroom home modern and eco-friendly by expanding these modern house features to the home’s outside area and adding cozy, environmentally-conscious touches to your backyard like patio furniture made from recycled materials. The shape of a three-bedroom house also gives you a lot of room to place around with geometric forms and unique designs in the house’s exterior aesthetic.

6. Farmhouse

Being in a rural setting doesn’t mean a house can’t have a modern design. Farmhouses work well with a modern house floor plan because they’re all about function and informality. A modern farmhouse plan can use an assortment of unconventional materials to create a space specific to the homeowner’s needs, and its ample use of windows and outdoor living area is perfect for a country background.

Farmhouse Modern House Plan

7. Beach House

When you go away for the week, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in your vacation home. Because of its simplicity and sizable windows that can show off a soothing ocean sunset, a modern house plan is ideal for a coastal home. Enjoy the perks of seamlessly blending interior features with the outdoors and feel as unencumbered as your open floor plan when you stay at your modern beach house.

In addition to these examples, many other types of houses would benefit from a modern home plan. So make sure you explore all the modern house plan options available to you when designing your home.

5 Benefits of Modern House Plans

Depending on what type of home you’re interested in, the advantages of choosing a modern-style house may vary. But regardless of the details, some modern house plan benefits apply to any kind of home.

Here are five benefits of modern house plans that span all types of homes.

1. Personalize Your Plan

One of the main features that makes a modern house plan so appealing is the ability to customize it to suit your needs and show off your individualism. Whether it be for practical or stylistic reasons, you can change any aspect of a modern house design to better fit what you need from your home. For example, the open floor plan of a modern house leaves space for you to decide what each area becomes instead of having a clearly designated living room, dining room and family room.

Personalize Your Plan

This means that your modern house plan can also be customized in the future. You may decide to change the rooms of your modern house in five years, which will be completely fine because of the open concept’s flexibility. The informality, originality and lack of symmetry used in a modern house floor plan also make it easy to add on to if you ever want to expand your house.

2. Efficient Use of Space

A modern house plan is sure to satisfy anyone who craves efficiency. From its use of exterior space as an extension of the interior home to its emphasis on functionality, a modern house plan is all about maximizing space. By taking advantage of the outdoor area that’s included with a home and incorporating interior elements into outside areas, a modern home makes the most of a property’s usable space.

One way a modern house plan achieves this efficiency is through its focus on simplicity. Instead of ornate, decorative designs, every aspect of a modern house serves a purpose.

3. Visually Appealing

An efficient house plan does not eliminate the opportunity for an aesthetically attractive design. Modern house plans concentrate equally as much on visual appeal as they do on the practical aspects of a home. In fact, the clean-cut, asymmetrical and differing rooflines that often accent a modern house are artistically intriguing to the human eye.

And the beauty of a modern house plan extends to its interior design. An open floor plan allows for an innovative and refreshing look that will stand out to visitors. Although many modern homes center around a neutral color palette, a tasteful splash of bold color will make your modern home’s interior decor something for your guests to ooh and ahh over.

4. Brighten Up Your Home Naturally

The large windows and liberal use of glass in a modern house plan gives the home an abundance of natural light. Natural light will make your house feel more open, spacious and comforting as well as strain your eyes less than artificial light sources. Sunlight streaming in through your windows will also show off the beauty of your home’s interior.

Brighten Up Your Home Naturally

Another benefit of increasing your home’s natural lighting is a decrease in your energy waste and electricity bills. Pay attention to where you place your largest windows — locating your windows on the south side of your house will let the most light in. You can put smaller windows in on the other sides of the house if you’re interested in more privacy.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Through the use of earth-friendly materials, a modern house plan can be extremely environmentally-conscious. A modern house plan can emphasize sustainability by making a point of incorporating recycled materials into its design whenever possible. By using these materials around the house, its very structure brings awareness to appreciating and preserving the environment.

As mentioned above, natural lighting is another way that a modern home can make the most of available resources. Other eco-friendly characteristics of a modern house plan can range anywhere from efficient airflow throughout the home to water-saving indoor plumbing.

3 Examples of Modern House Plans

Having gone over what a modern house plan is and why you should consider one, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at a few modern house plan options. Keep in mind that any modern house plan is customizable and flexible, so there’s room for change and improvements even after you’ve picked one.

To get you thinking more about what you want your modern home’s layout to look like, here are three examples of a typical modern house plan:

1. Ranch Style House Plan

modern ranch style home is the perfect example of a single-story modern house plan. The house’s open floor plans demonstrate the efficiency of a modern home while keeping every room on the same level. This particular modern floor plan also makes efficient use of the home’s square-footage by sneaking ample storage and compact closets into any leftover space.

Both the rear porch and the front porch offer the opportunity to include modern house interior design aspects in the home’s charmingly rustic exterior spaces. Just imagine the outdoor furniture and solar lighting that could be set up on that back porch to turn it into a sanctuary. No solar lighting will be needed during the day, however, as plenty of natural lighting will flood in from the house’s many tall windows.

2. Single-Story Modern House Plan

The shape of some modern homes is just fun! Its spacious main rooms and lack of hallways will make it easier to transition from room to room while fostering a warm feeling of togetherness. The open floor plan also offers versatility in what certain rooms are used for — whether they become an office, a family room or something else is entirely up to you.

The outdoor patio area is the perfect spot for an inground pool, with space leftover for some lounge chairs. Large windows also make the patio area visible from nearly anywhere in the house, so you can send the kids out to play and still keep an eye on them. If you’re hoping for your home’s design to effortlessly flow from the interior to exterior, a modern house plan like this one could be right for you.

3. Multi-Level Modern House Plan

Many modern homes come with multiple levels. The first floor follows a sweeping open floor plan that extends to the patio with a covered lanai area complete with a summer kitchen. The three-car garage attached to the first floor is another way that this modern house plan accommodates all the needs of a contemporary family.

The second floor accentuates the house’s neat geometric design. Along with two bedrooms and study, the second level features a loft that overlooks the foyer and great room below. This means that both the foyer and the great room have high ceilings — another attention-grabbing feature and modern home essential.

Multi-Level Modern House Plan

Modern House Plans FAQ

Even after going over some modern house plan examples, it’s normal to still have some lingering questions. Choosing a house plan is a big decision, so it’s important that you have all the information you need before making your final selection.

To help you make an informed choice, here are some of the most common questions about modern house plans:

1. What Is a Modern House?

The word “modern” is always used to describe something contemporary, forward-thinking and innovative. That means a modern house is any home that’s constructed from modern materials in an original, minimalistic design. These unorthodox designs are simple, clean and focused on function, which the structure’s form follows.

The definition of a modern house is a bit ambiguous, so it can be hard to figure out whether a house qualifies as modern or not. As a rule of thumb, if a house checks off most of the modern house plan features listed previously, it’s most likely a modern house.

2. In What Ways Were Older Houses Different From Modern Houses of Today?

Older houses are made from more traditional materials like brick, wood, plaster and stone. The older house design plans are typically more boxy and symmetrical, leaving less room for customization or expansion. For this reason, modern houses are often chosen as a fresh alternative to older architectural techniques.

On the inside, older houses have smaller single-purpose rooms instead of the open floor plans found in modern houses. Traditional homes usually feature fancy trimmings and special touches, whereas modern homes strip these frills away.

3. How Are Most Modern Houses Built?

Modern houses are made out of newer materials like concrete or reinforced steel. Despite its simple design, building a modern home requires great precision and attention to detail. Make sure you find a contractor who is known for meticulous exactness to work on your modern home.

4. What City Has the Most Modern Homes?

California is the most well-known state for its modern and stunning architecture, with Palm Springs being the best city to spot cutting edge designs. San Francisco and San Jose also top the list of U.S. cities with the most modern homes. Outside of the West Coast, Austin, Texas and Chicago are also hot spots for chic modern houses.

What City Has the Most Modern Homes

Although these cities are among the most notable for their modern homes, a modern home can be built anywhere. Even states in the Midwest have their share of architectural gems like Indiana’s small town of Columbus. So don’t be afraid to be a trailblazer and build the first modern house in your area.

5. Are Modern Houses More Expensive to Build?

Depending on what personalized features you’d like your modern house to have, the cost of building it could be fairly expensive. In general, a modern house is more structurally challenging to build than a traditional one because it’s harder to construct flat rooflines than the traditional sloped roofs. Also, modern homes with large windows often require custom cuts of glass.

Building your custom modern home might be a bit more expensive to build than a traditional house, but it is worth it. Spending a bit more to ensure sleek lines and use sustainable materials will pay off when you have the home you always dreamed of.

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